All Akelius employees are encouraged to report suspected violations of this code to their nearest supervisor.
If this is not applicable for whatever reason,
the employee should contact the local Staff Department for assistance.

Employees, suppliers or other business partners can report a suspected violation against the Code of conduct anonymously through Akelius’ system for whistle blowing at https://app.incy.io/akeliuswb/links/report.

Violations can also be reported via

A meeting can also be arranged for submitting a whistleblower report, if requested.

Only the Chairman of the Board and the company’s General Counsel have access to the whistleblowing system and the other channels.

The anonymity of anyone who reports suspected misconduct in good faith will be protected.
Please note that Akelius can only guarantee anonymity for whistleblowers who use Akelius’ system for whistle blowing.

False allegations or misuse of the whistle blowing channel procedure is in itself a violation against this code.